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Emmaescapes-Manyvids-Another You

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Runtime : 11min 22s
File Size : 838 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Actress: Emmaescapes

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Emmaescapes-Manyvids-Another You

Emma finds herself being interviewed by a unusual voice and a talent agency she's never heard of. She excitedly ambles into the office to find... herself? A chick in a mask gestures her to linger exactly where she is and Emma loses manage of her bod. Her and her doubles embark gleefully draining and showcasing off their figures together. Just as Emma realizes how super-naughty she is all of a unexpected, the hooded female freezes her from moving or conversing, and Emma is in dangled cartoon. Her doubles proceed to wank until they jism, and then are strung up as well. The hooded doll loves the tranquil before rewinding time and commencing the desire over again.

Producer's Note: This tweak is highly 'experimental'. I've been making creepy brief flicks for awhile and wished to attempt my arm at a pornography. Alot of work went into this and im highly proud of it, but satiate know its not ideal. If you love Lynchian art film, you will very likely love this! Emmaescapes
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11 June 2019 15:02
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