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Runtime : 6min 54s
File Size : 402 MB
Resolution : 1600x1200
Actress: Hayden Pavlov

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Hayden Pavlov-Manyvids-Unwrapping the candy

The backstory is highly simple: as you may already know groping your co-workers' crotch is not permitted according to EU law, hugging and smooching on the cheek is OK but you cannot rub your co-workers goods.

This doesn't apply to pleading your co-workers to come to the office sans undergarments, for instance, your assistant not wearing any lingerie beneath her pencil microskirt. Albeit there is unspoken rule - they will ask for a pay elevate.

Now because it it is purrfectly 18 you can also ask your assistant to climb on your desk and stretched her gams (what is finer sitting and picking up phone calls or sitting on your desk and not doing anything? ) ...to witness your secretary's nice lil' stiffy. and you just enjoy eyeing your assistant unclothe it! This is like disrobing Christmas introduces as a ... "Do it again! Do it again!"

The flick begins with assistant adjusting her hair looking hardly annoyed but then a swoon smirk shows up (can be seen in preview.)

a duo of fast zoomed in vignettes.

Of the secretary's lovely tiny dick.

And the foreskin at first-ever leisurely then faster and swifter flipping back by itself, sans kneading

Then it is non-zoomed in (like in the last snap) more total bod.

Oops! Assistant has an unforseen accident - with all the foreskin opening up her cute tiny manmeat has turgid to the size of a Wurst. But the candy wrapper can't fit around the saucy Wurst no matter how much you attempt... Hayden Pavlov